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Srong Inspector

The Srong Inspector System is a cloud based solution to create and generate inspection reports. It was created for property inspectors to generate a PDF report about the properties they inspect. Our application allows customized comment generation and enables the inspector to choose the comment that fits the description of the items they inspect rather than typing a comment every time. The generated report can we either stored locally or emailed to the desired party. The application also enables approval system, so that the created report can be validated by another inspector. This increases the realibility of the report. Srong Inspector also implements a seperate Image management System to handle all the visual observation in one place.

Generate Attractive Reports

The PDF reports can be customized according to your need.

  • Easy Step wise process to generate Inspection report
  • Clone and modify the existing report
  • Supports Multi user approval process
  • Image Management System
  • On Premis or Cloud Installement
  • Unlimited Support

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